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United we draw new
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Dinamica suede is the result of technology developed by the Japanese industrial giant Asahi Kasei, dyed and finished by Miko and Sage, and has always been produced through a production process that exploits the action of high-pressured water, without the use of solvents.

Global elegance

Intuition, entrepreneurial spirit and a deep commitment to research and development come together. The adaptability of our products not only reflects technological ability, but also underlines a certain stylistic sensitivity in satisfying unique needs. Combining Japanese technology and attention to detail with Italian creativity and American savoir-faire, we raise the industrial standard of luxury with dedication and craftsmanship.

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Our story is made of innovation and a vision oriented towards a more responsible future

Our journey


Asahi Kasei patents a new non-woven suede using a water-based production process.


Miko Srl is established as a family-owned company producing Dinamica in partnership with Asahi Kasei, initially focusing on the fashion and upholstery sectors.


The first car with Dinamica interiors is presented in America.


Miko Srl's R&D and Asahi Kasei create Auto line to cover various applications in the automotive sector.


Dinamica lands in Europe, marking the beginning of collaborations in the automotive sector in the continent.


Dinamica‘s presence in the automotive market experiences rapid expansion, leading to new agreements with prestigious car manufacturers.


Sage Automotive Interiors, a global leader in automotive fabric supply, acquires a majority shares of Miko Srl.


Miko Srl’s know-how is transferred to Sage Automotive Interiors to locally supply Dinamica for the American market.


Sage Automotive Interiors is acquired by Asahi Kasei, enabling greater supply chain integration and further development of Dinamica brand.


The new Pure line is launched, featuring a significant increase in recycled content compared to the previous product generation.


New investments in production capacity from greige to dyeing are realized across various group facilities.