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Driven by innovation and
commitment to the environment

Our Dinamica products are constantly evolving! Stay up to date on new developments and research as we explore new horizons, shaping a more responsible future for us and generations to come.

“Miko's commitment looks to our well-being and environment, because we must not only offer an excellent product, but it is our duty to generate value and be aware of its environmental, social and economic impact.” 

Lorenzo Terraneo,

CEO Miko srl
“Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental factors and how they impact the materials that surround them. This along with the market shift by both car makers and consumers seeking alternatives positions Dinamica as the leading premium product with a heritage of innovation, beauty & performance elevating any interior experience.”  

Dan Russian,

President & CEO Sage Automotive Interiors

Same suede.

Simply better.

With a view to always supply cutting-edge suede products of the highest quality, in 2020 Miko designed a new line for the automotive sector called Pure, certified according to GRS (Global Recycled Standard) standard, featuring a higher proportion of recycled polyester compared to previous generation products, ensuring the usual high levels of technical performance while improving its environmental footprint.

We have always looked beyond

In 1992 we patented an innovative water-based non-woven suede without the use of solvents, applying the principles of the circular economy. Since then, we've come a long way! To date, we use the best technologies throughout the entire production process, from greige production to dyed and finished product in our Group, working with suppliers who share our same innovation vision and respect for the environment.

We favor the use of energy from renewable sources and have taken concrete measures to improve our environmental footprint with LCA studies since 2010. To reduce CO2 emissions on a global scale, we have localized Dinamica production in several countries, allowing a more efficient distribution and optimizing the carbon footprint. Furthermore, we actively collaborate with international certification bodies to always guarantee maximum transparency in our production and commercial activities.

Finally, our commitment as a Group goes beyond our corporate boundaries by embracing various territorial, national, and international initiatives aimed at protecting our planet by sowing well-being for future generations.