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Highly technological. Exceptionally beautiful.

Dinamica is a suede which is produced in part by using recycled polyester (the recycled content varies according to the product line and application) without the use of organic solvents but using a water-based process.


The manufacturing process used by Dinamica makes it possible to extract fewer virgin raw materials since it uses a part of recycled fibres of waste products which would otherwise be sent to landfill sites or incinerated, thereby reducing CO2  emissions and other environmental impacts associated with these processes.

Dinamica consists of three layers

Gli strati di Dinamica


Inner scrim


Submerged in a water solution, the inner scrim attracts small polyester fibres, which are suspended in the liquid, to both surfaces; these are compacted using a water-based needle punching process.
Agguagliatura ad acqua
The suede is then immersed in a water-based polyurethane bath without using solvents in order to minimise the health and environmental impacts. This process compacts the fibres, making them elastic and resistant.
During the dyeing and finishing stage, the production cycles are optimised and monitored managing the energy consumption at best and minimising the waste of chemical products and water which is then drained through our purifier and partially re-used.

We put no limits to creativity

Technology and research are the drivers of innovation and over the years they have both led to experimentation and the production of unique products, specially designed to suit our customers, from their colour to their style. Thanks to its versatility, exceptional performance, and the highest quality, Dinamica suede is the ideal material which can be used to create a wide range of a variety of personalised products and can be adapted to many different technologies. Dinamica colours are bright, highly resistant to the damage caused by sun rays and remain unaltered through time thanks to the advanced technology of the production cycle.

The secret to this durability is a combination of technological innovation and precision in the manufacturing process. Time may pass, but Dinamica colours remain unchanged, guaranteeing constant and reliable colour rendering. Furthermore, the possibility of customizing colours allows Dinamica to satisfy the specific needs of every taste, covering all shades of the chromatic scale.

  • Resistente alla luce


  • Traspirante


  • Personalizzabile


  • Anallergico


  • Personalizzabile


  • Leggero


  • Lavabile


  • Non invecchia

    Pleasant all year around



    Care & Maintenance

    Cleaning Dinamica is easy and practical, to preserve its beauty over time, it is advisable to clean the material regularly. Ordinary maintenance for an extraordinary product. The recommended cleaning products are those from the following manufacturers: Uniters S.p.a.

    • Mobility


    • Interior


    • Fashion&Design

      Fashion & Design

    • Hi-Tech



    Style and high performance for all sorts of application

    Dinamica suede is a versatile and high-quality material, widely used in the automotive industry by the most important global brands, thanks to its exceptional performance.

      Our collections

      We are constantly inspired by current trends to create new cutting-edge collections. Explore our infinite creativity and versatility of Dinamica suede through a wide range of vibrant colours, new technologies and innovative creative concepts. Each piece in our collection reflects not only contemporary style, but also the attention to detail and commitment to excellence that characterize our work.
      Whether you are looking for a classic solution or a bolder and more original design, you will find the answer among our unique and distinctive proposals.
      Contact us for more information, samples, or to discuss how our materials can enhance your projects.